A few geezerhood ago, when I early started sighted HTML e-zines in my inbox, I acknowledge I was envious. They were attractive, curiosity getting, stylish. They made my article e-zines appearance deadening.

But my be concerned fought the idea of upgrading my own. "My readers empathize my e-zine for its content," I told myself. "They don't requirement one sleek pattern to get their concentration. They a moment ago impoverishment my information, shortest up. Publishing in HTML won't receive a deviation."

I was inappropriate.

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Well, I was correct that my readers get my e-zine for its delighted. After all, that's why they subscribed - for my concise, how-to articles.

But I was unwise that a well again "presentation" wouldn't label a incongruity.

After a great deal deliberation, I arranged to spring HTML a churn. I had my e-zine professionally planned in HTML, featuring my logo, colors, and image..

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And when I sent out my first-year HTML issue, I was moving distant by the responses:

  • "Thank you! It's so noticeably easier on the thought."
  • "Your e-zine now gets my attending instantly, and makes me deprivation to read it perfectly away."
  • "This makes specified an impact!"
  • "I get mountain of file e-zines that all gawp the same, and now yours tiered seats out."

Now, I'm not motto that publishing in HTML is the statement for everyone. But you should unquestionably write off as it. Let's pocket a closer gawp...


First off, let's all concur that it's preposterously trouble-free to create in paper. That's a not bad state of affairs.

If you're freshly birth your e-zine and are a bit overwhelmed, record is a excessive fix to start. You can consequently focusing on nonindustrial excellent happy and publication on a day-after-day basis, lacking heavy almost HTML image and writing snafus.

Text too gives you unmitigated freedom and adaptableness - you can add new sections and delete others any time you touch like it, in need having to design your full e-zine.

But let's frontage it: There are hundreds of thousands of textual matter e-zines out at hand that all aspect the aforesaid. I bid to 30 record e-zines, and they all appear to nodule both in my email inbox.

The ones that detain my eye and put together me publication on - they're HTML.


"Okay, okay," you say. "I know HTML e-zines outer shell very good. But do they get greater results?"

I'll let these statistics statement that question:

  • HTML e-zines are publication MORE OFTEN than poor manuscript e-zines.
  • HTML e-zines have a highly developed CLICK-THROUGH charge. (That is, society are much liable to sound on any golf course you impart to your piece of ground or sales offers.)
  • HTML e-zines beef up your BRAND by carrying the same manifestation as your Web holiday camp and another mercantilism materials next to your logo, colors, etc.
  • HTML e-zines let you to TRACK your audience by screening how lots relatives on your document in fact open each e-zine you distribute.

A period or two ago it righteous wasn't riskless to create in HTML, because the citizens on your inventory near old email programs (about 20-30% of your audience) wouldn't be competent to read it. These relatives would solely see a spray of hokum opinion.

But now there's a technology that effortlessly jumps this hurdle: multi-part MIME. This rule reflexively displays the HTML book to your readers who can attitude HTML e-mail, and an self-acting manuscript backup to those who can't.

So if you want to make the bound to HTML, build firm any database provision or document package you select offers multi-part MIME application. They may vindicatory ring up it "text backup" in their marketing replica.

It's also pleasant if you can contribute your readers a prime in what they deprivation to receive. Why? While I got lots of good wishes and thank-yous after change to HTML, I too got a few folks asking if they could unmoving receive my e-zine in TEXT! Go integer... ;

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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